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Lily Langham Gardens in Wonderground and The Design Files

Lily Langham gardens ABC TV Gardening Australia watch on Friday the 12 April 2024

ABC Garden Magazine May edition 2024

When i'm not in the studio i am out in the garden either on our family farm near Daylesford Vic 
growing produce and perrienials designing, creating gardens or just consulting for others.
I plant and design gardens that I hope bring a sense of peaceful connection for the beholder, the wonderer, 
and create an experiance to be connected to nature around us, to be involved in it , with the insects, the birds and the connection to the land  
because we are nature.
I feel a garden is movment and change it eleavates our senses and brings delight everyday.
I guess a garden can be nature contained, but i try to create a honest garden to follow its form with out ego or expectation,  just a gentle encouragement to connect to its surroundings which then as it grows its just pure heartfelt joy and a wonderful delight to witness almost like magic singing through your whole being! 

At the moment I am only avaliable for advice and consultation
large rural propertys a speciality 
for fees and appointments please get intouch Email

To discover more on my garden design click Lily Langham Gradens on Insta