Lily Langham is an Artist and Garden designer from Daylesford, Victoria, Australia.   

Lily Langham is a Artist and Gardener who lovingly creates one-of-a-kind jewellery in her restored stone studio on her family farm. She is also a horticulturalist who derives many of her designs from her interaction with the landscape and nature and also the gardens she designs, and grows.
"When I create Artworks to wear my motivation is that the pieces hold a certain strength, a ingrained postive kindness, a magical spirit connected to nature,
I hope when when they are worn, it gives the individual strength in any stitiation
Loved when you feel lonley
Joy when you feel sad
Embraced when you feel overwhelmed
Strong when you feel weak
Seen when you feel invisable
Listen to when you feel unheard and
Held when you like you falling
and armour to give stength"
lily Langham 2023

She is passionate about everything she touches, which is why packaging is environmentally friendly. Truly unique and environmentally sensitive, Lily uses recycled materials whenever possible and her processes are of minimal impact to the environment.
no chemical sulutions are used in metel fabrication 

Each piece is one-of-a-kind and are usally made to order, so please allow at least one week before shipping.

More about Lily through pictures at  Lily's Instagram

and click here for Garden pictures